This Blog reflects my interest in maps and map-makers, more particularly the pioneering map-makers of the 18th Century of whom John Chapman is a noted example. It grew out of a dissertation I wrote for a degree at the University of Nottingham in 2013. You can explore the dissertation by following the link on the menu bar.

I am continuing my researches on Chapman and other surveyor/map-makers who were active in the British Isles in the 18th and early 19th Centuries. Posts will appear on the Blog as and when I have something to share.

Brian Williams





The Header images on  each Page are extracts from ‘Chapman’s Map of Nottinghamshire, 1774’ , reproduced with the kind permission of Nottingham Local Studies Library.


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  1. Dear Brian,
    Fascinating dissertation, thank you for sharing the information. I am interested in the economics of mapmaking and the influence of the Industrial Revolution(s).

  2. Hello Brian. I’m the historian of the Chesterfield Canal Trust, and have been researching the history of that waterway for c35 years – especially the planning and construction era. Your blog is fascinating and has clarified my thinking on the accuracy, or otherwise, of 18th century maps.
    I have compiled a PDF map of the construction dates along the canal, covering as they do the Chapman era in Nottinghamshire. I could send a copy to you if I had your email address.
    The Chesterfield Canal is of the pioneering era in this country, when construction started no others had been completed and little would have been known about the concept along the route.
    You may find my on-line archive interesting – chesterfieldcanalarchive.co.uk For instance, you can search for Nottinghamshire locations, and sort and filter.

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