A:     Primary Sources


BLMap       British Library (Cartographic Items Maps)

DRO          Derbyshire Record Office

ERO           Essex Record Office

M&SC        Manuscripts and Special Collections, University of Nottingham

NCL          Nottingham Central Library


BLMap(1): *4615.(2.)

BLMap(2): K.Top.33.29.2 Tab

BLMap(3): C.21.c.7.

BLMap(4): K.Top.33.36.c.

BLMap(5): K.Top.33.36.d.

BLMap(6): 203.dd.7.

DRO: D55597/9/4-1776

ERO: A11425

M&SC(1): Over.XX Not 1.B8.D76

M&SC(2): Over.XX Not 1.B8.D92

M&SC(3): WLC/P/55

M&SC(4): WLC/P/56

M&SC(5): Pl E12/6/18/7/12

M&SC(6): Cresswell’s Nottingham Journal 1768-1774

NCL: Chapman’s Map 1774 L96


B:     Secondary Sources

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